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October 4, 2017


World Animal Day

I can say that I am a animal-lover for 100% , yes I am pretty sure about that! I lived my whole live, since I was a child, together with different kinds of animals. Birds, dogs, chickens, rabbits, fish, guinea pigs, hamsters, cats... Like really, I have a mini zoo at home. And yes, they all get a special gift on World Animal Day! Let me tell you more about the presents that I got for Garfield, Trixy and Chanel (my 3 beloved cats).






I was contacted by "Katten Krant", a community that tells you little stories and facts online about your hairy fluffballs. Besides being busy with these stories, Katten Krant also offers monthly cat boxes which you can order online. I was the lucky one (or more Garfield, Trixy and Chanel were the lucky ones) to receive one of their monthly cat boxes


What was inside in one of these boxes? The box, which your receive every month, is filled with fun and cute surprises for your fluffy ones! The boxes contain cat toys, natural food and other nice healthy cat products. Also, they do not only think of the cats but also to the owner! Want to know what was in our box? Keep reading! 



Catproof black watch
Firstly, I got a cute black watch. You probably think, what is so special about a simple black watch? Well, this watch is catproof because the hours are displayed by all different cartoon cats. As a real cat lady, am I definitely obsessed with this watch. 



Dreamies Mix

We also got some little cookies from Dreamies. They look like little rectangles filled with something yummy, my cats are crazy about them! We got the taste "chicken & duck". The treats are hard on the outside, with a small and tasty filling on the inside. I often use this as a snack but also to teach my cats some tricks. Yes you are reading it well, my cats can do some tricks like sitting and staying.



Twigs are friends (or maybe not?)

The third item I do not really know what it is. It is a small package filled with some kind of sticks/twigs that have a certain smell or taste I think. The description is written in Chinese (or something else) and there is a fish on the packaging, so I am guessing it is something like that. As you can see, Trixy (the gray cat) uses it mainly for chewing and Garfield uses it to scratch himself. Garfield is such a silly cat he only uses the twigs to play with or scratching himself. Twigs are friends, do not forget LOL.



Flying butterfly


I saved the best for last. Can I just tell you this is the BEST invention/present ever?! It is such a simple toy, but Garfield can play with it for hours and it is so cute looking at him while he plays! The butterfly is attached to the flower with an iron wire. It works on batteries. When you turn on the button, the butterfly automatically flies in circles. As I said before, very simple but such a great toy. I can recommend this to everyone who has cats at home! Definitely when you not have the whole day to play with your cats.  



My opinion about Katten Krant? 100% Cat-isfaction!



xoxo Chia